The Ghost Behind at the Sundance Film Festival


The Ghost Behind at the Blue Danube Film Festival, Premier Kultcafé, Üllői út 2-4. Budapest 1085 Programme 1 – 1st Dec Saturday 16.00


The Ghost Behind at the Blue Danube Film Festival, Wednesday the 28th

Right Turn at the International Short Film Festival Beveren, Saturday the 24th

Critics Francesco Cazzin and Francesca Rusalen write about The Ghost Behind on their experimental film blog here: https://emergeredelpossibile.blogspot.com/2018/11/the-ghost-behind.htm


Shoes Without Feet is mentioned here: FILM AB!: A Personal Report on the Zebra Poetry Film Festival 2018 by Stevie Ronnie in movingpoems.com, October 21, 2018

One Step Away at Juteback Poetry Film Festival, Friday the 19th at 7:30 Wolverine Farm Publishing’s Letterpress and Publick House in Fort Collins

The Ghost Behind at Anti-Matter Experimental Film Festival, Monday, the 15th at 7:00 at Deluge Contemporary Art in Victoria

Right Turn at Linz International Short Film Festival, Sunday the 14th at 1:00 at Moviemento

The Whole Speaks at Indie Cork Ó Bhéal Poetry Film Festival, Sunday the 14th at 3pm and 5pm at Blacknight Festival Centre in Cork

The Ghost Behind at Haverhill Film Festival, Saturday, October 13th at 7:00 at Harbor Place in Haverhill


Shoes Without Feet at Zebra Poetry Film Festival

Right Turn at Atlanta Docufest