Right Turn at the International Short Film Festival Beveren, Saturday the 24th

Critics Francesco Cazzin and Francesca Rusalen write about The Ghost Behind on their experimental film blog here:

The Ghost Behind at the Blue Danube Film Festival, Wednesday the 28th


One Step Away at Juteback Poetry Film Festival, Friday the 19th at 7:30 Wolverine Farm Publishing’s Letterpress and Publick House in Fort Collins

The Ghost Behind at Anti-Matter Experimental Film Festival, Monday, the 15th at 7:00 at Deluge Contemporary Art in Victoria

Right Turn at Linz International Short Film Festival, Sunday the 14th at 1:00 at Moviemento

The Whole Speaks at Indie Cork Ó Bhéal Poetry Film Festival, Sunday the 14th at 3pm and 5pm at Blacknight Festival Centre in Cork

The Ghost Behind at Haverhill Film Festival, Saturday, October 13th at 7:00 at Harbor Place in Haverhill


Shoes Without Feet at Zebra Poetry Film Festival

Right Turn at Atlanta Docufest

Right Turn, International Short Film Festival Beveren - official selectionWedn